40 Days of Thailand – Thailand Travel Guide and Tips

Thailand! A country that every backpacker dreams of. Say vacation and the first place people want to visit is Bangkok or Phuket and pickup the Thailand Travel Guide immediately. The hub for all tourists heading to South East Asia before checking out other countries. However this was not the case with me. Thailand was never…

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Spotting Spotty – Bandhavgarh National Park

scop owl

The golden rays of the morning sun were illuminating the Bandhavgarh hill as we drove into the jungle. The chill of the December winter was very much in the air and I wrapped myself in the blanket despite the already many layering I had. Tiger sighting and wildlife safari is probably the most underrated adventure…

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How to choose Best Thailand Islands to Visit

best thailand islands

You see pictures of best Thailand islands. And you picture yourself relaxing in a hammock, sipping from the tender coconut, looking at the clear blue waters and a white beach. But if you don’t choose the right island to visit, you are going to be among hundreds and hundreds of tourists and sometimes your beach…

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Dancing of a million Bats – Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Bats of Khao Yai National Park

Chose a country or a state to visit and my eyes first look for the national park of the place to visit. I love greenery and the animals that I always prefer to spend time in the jungle than the city. Am just back from my 40 days trip from Thailand and the best of…

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Temple of the Tooth Relic – Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy

Kandy is unbeatably one of the most beautiful hill stations of Sri Lanka. Kandy is also the place where Temple of the Tooth Relic is present. For a moment I wondered, is it the presence of the temple of the tooth relic that has made Kandy look so serene or is Kandy so beautiful that…

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Explore Khajuraho with Syna Heritage Hotel

Lakshmana Temple

It was late evening when we entered the arch of Khajuraho. Khajuraho as such is a small town and if not for the group of monuments, there might not be even proper roads. Life revolves around the temples of Khajuraho and there was no less for stay options to chose from. Our pick was the…

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Art from PreHistoric Era – Bhimbetka Cave Paintings

About 45km from Bhopal lies the greatest historical site where may be direct descendants of Adam and Eve lived and decided to draw their lives on the walls of the rocks. And over thousands of years these paintings are still intact leaving us a rich heritage to look up to and learn the lifestyle of…

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Gem of Akbar’s Court – Miyan Tansen

I was standing in front of the tomb of the greatest musician, Tansen. The cool breeze from the trees around brushed against my face. It was just a raised platform and the Tansen memorial was a simple structure made of sand stone. How could the memorial of such a great musician be so simple!? I…

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Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga – By the banks of River Narmada

Where there is a river, there is a temple always by the side of it. River Narmada is a revered river that every local Madhya Pradesh resident calls Her as Narmada Mataji. And by this river is the quaint town of Omkareshwar. On this Maha Shivratri day, I wish to be at Omkareshwar to feel…

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Decoding the sculptures of Khajuraho

“Where are you today?”, exclaimed my mom. I seldom tell her my travel plans. “Am at Khajuraho!”, I said. “Khajuraho, where is Khajuraho? I have heard of it.. Khajurahoo, Oh my God, Khajurahoooo. Is it that Khajuraho? What are you doing there??” Her pitch and tone went from a shrill to fast paced.. And that…

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