40 Days of Thailand – Thailand Travel Guide and Tips

Thailand! A country that every backpacker dreams of. Say vacation and the first place people want to visit is Bangkok or Phuket and pickup the Thailand Travel Guide immediately. The hub for all tourists heading to South East Asia before checking out other countries. However this was not the case with me. Thailand was never…

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How to choose Best Thailand Islands to Visit

best thailand islands

You see pictures of best Thailand islands. And you picture yourself relaxing in a hammock, sipping from the tender coconut, looking at the clear blue waters and a white beach. But if you don’t choose the right island to visit, you are going to be among hundreds and hundreds of tourists and sometimes your beach…

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Dancing of a million Bats – Khao Yai National Park. Offbeat Thailand

Bats of Khao Yai National Park

Chose a country or a state to visit and my eyes first look for the national park of the place to visit. I love greenery and the animals that I always prefer to spend time in the jungle than the city. Am just back from my 40 days trip from Thailand and the best of…

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