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A curious mind often found in places searching for its history, talking to ruins waiting to hear back, and imagining life in places where it does not exist anymore. Relatable? Then you can have a hell of a ride reading stories in this blog. I enjoy the mud in my face as the safari jeep peels through the jungle looking for the unknown, listening to the birds’ chirp. I equally enjoy listening to temple bells and watching the towering architecture. And sometimes, it is just put my leg up, hole up in a place with a view and spend it at leisure. Quit my job, traveled for a couple of years, and experimented with being a digital nomad. Now, I am back to a full-time corporate job, and it takes me to places. A solo traveler who swings between backpacking and luxury travel. Have fun reading a melange of my thoughts. 

MasalaBox Travel

MasalaBox Travel is filled with travelogues on wildlife, heritage, history, food, culture from across the world. I am a storyteller and you are here to read tones of stories. MasalaBox Travel talks about more than the best places to visit or ten things to do. It takes you through lanes you have not been to and introduces you to food that you have not had yet. The blog apart from travelogues also features a column on musings mostly taking you through a laughter riot. The single woman that I am often starting to ponder and reflect on life, world, love, itches to pen down all these cheeky thoughts. And so, Happy Reading.

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Gwalior Fort is filled with history and dating right from 10th century. It passed on many hands that the fort is filled with palaces, museums, temples, and monuments. Read on to know more

Karnataka is peppered with many Hoysala temples, filled with sculptures and stories. Here is an offbeat Hoysala Temples trail, must visit for heritage lovers.

The Chennai Bangalore highway is one of the best roads and a scenic route to drive on. how about hiring a cab and go on a road trip?

Thailand is a heaven for vegetarians. I promise. Here are 30 Thai veg dishes you need to try on your visit. Your Thailand vegetarian food guide, right here.

Shesh Shaiya is a 35 feet long Vishnu statue lying in the middle of the jungle in Bandhavgarh National Park. read to know history of Kalachuris and about the statue

Mysore aka Mysuru, the city of palaces, gardens, Mysore Pak, silk sarees, sandalwood oil and much more. Here is a travel guide on must see places in Mysore and trails to follow

Sadras Fort along the east coast road of Chennai talks about the legacy of Dutch settlements. Read more to know about Battle of Sadras and a tour of the fort.

To Let Tamil movie is a drama about a family who go through the ordeal of hunting house for rent. And it brought back memories of my story.. so here it is..

Gandikota fort is a popular tourist destination known for its gorge views formed by river Penna flowing through it. Also called Grand Canyon of India, Gandikota fort is excellent for camping, kayaking and more.

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