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Chittra M


I was introduced to travel in the year 2009 when I went on a casual trip with my friends to North India. Was it the colors of Rajasthan or the magnificence of the Taj Mahal or the adventure of rafting at Rishikesh or the awe of the mighty Himalayas or the sheer love of changing scenery as I moved across? I don’t know which one of it, but then on my love for travel or rather my love to explore new places, taste different cuisine and understand a different culture has only increased by tenfold. Ever since then I have been travelling across India and International destinations. I maintain travel diary for every destination and soon realized I was stashing up my book racks with my diaries. Why not share it with the world? It would help fellow travelers not to miss any offbeat destinations and it would ignite the fire to travel among people who have not yet enjoyed this nectar. And thus Masala Box was born.


Masala Box – The blog, apart from travelogues, also features a column on life and perspectives. What is to life without having humor in it? This column features quite a few funny anecdotes I encounter during my travels, some memorable moments from my life, some angst moments on the society and some opinions on everything in the world. Read on the ‘Musings of Life’ section when your eyes get tired of watching travel photos and your brain craves for more. I write a little bit of Movie/Play reviews too. I couldn’t name the blog anything more apt than Masala Box. Like how all the masalas make together a beautiful dish, all the columns of my blog make together a beautiful read and hence the name.


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