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Among the beaches, forts and churches of Diu tourism was the hidden gem called Naida Caves. Diu is a popular tourist destination from Gujarat. A road connects the main land of Gujarat and the island of Diu. Diu being an island has plenty of beaches to lazy around and Diu fort is the most crowded touristy place in short. Having done with walking around the fort and gates and churches, me and my friend decided to rest for the day as there was nothing exclusive and quiet for the traveler. That is when we saw the board to Naida caves and decided to hop in to check. What a pleasant surprise it was!


diu tourism - Naida caves inside

Diu tourism – Naida caves inside


Naida caves is a photographer’s and explorer’s paradise. It is open till 5.30pm since it starts to get dark after that. Some say the cave is a natural formation where as history also says Portugese carved out the sand/rock from here to build the fort and hence the formation. There wasn’t any information board around the cave so it’s history remains a mystery. Upon entering the cave the sign boards direct you to walk around the cave. The caves are interlinked. And it is a little more than a half hour walk around the cave.


Diu tourism - Naida caves interior

Diu tourism – Naida caves interior

Light dances around and beautiful rays pass through the crevices.. Roots hanging on the wall were giving an eerie feeling. There were almost no one in the caves apart from security guy and it was one of the reasons to love the cave. Loved the shades of the cave wall and the texture. Naida cave is pretty close to the city and autos ply to the place. Let the pics speak about the caves..


Nadia caves - roots and lights

Nadia caves – roots and light


Naida caves - Hoka trees native to Diu

Naida caves – Hoka trees native to Diu


Naida Caves

Naida Caves


Naida caves walkway

Naida caves walkway


Naida Caves - lights playing

Naida Caves – lights playing


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How to reach Naida Caves, Diu


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